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Halloween Bash 2009
do you have an estmated time?
Ceze is planning a party and she also wants to go to the dance, so we want to plan around it?

what if we can't make it? since it's going to be so far ahead in our plans.....
The dance usually runs about 5pm to 11pm, so expect that general time frame. If you really can't make it, we can try to work our refunds or a credit since it's a small amount.
Thanks for the inquiry!
Jen, thanks for the great deal i really appricate it!!
i really hope i can make it!
No problem! I hope you can make it to the event!
You might want to take the potluck part out since at the meeting ordering pizza and snacks was discussed.
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Does anyone have a DDR pad they can bring to the bash?
If so, which systems does it work with?
We would need them for a PS2 BTW.
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
I have like 4 DDR pads at home, so I can bring some if they're needed. Smile (They are all PS2, although I think one is multi-system.)
I also have like three DDR games, if people wanted different ones XD
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Oh dude, thank you!
Could we borrow 2 pads for the duration of the bash? Big Grin
Feel free to bring the games too :3

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