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Halloween Bash 2009
well if pizza comes up for a food item again i think we should stay away from pizzahut/dominos because they are overpriced and undersized. i say go with a pizzaria that sells 24 slice Sicilian and i know of a few places that sell them for $11-13 bucks a pop. That's if we decide on doing pizza again and i wont mind going out to get it this year. I also will reserve the popcorn machine from my parents this year. ill check into nachos was well.
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I got a basic quote from the hotel that we were considering; once the picnic plans are solidified a bit more, I'll get together with the sales manager and have a discussion with her. It's a hotel we worked with in the past (The Comfort Inn and Suites in Castleton), so they know us pretty well. They were very friendly and communicative last time as well, so everything should go smoothly!
I'll post updates as I get them....
For everyone talking about pizza...

instead of ordering, we could always make it! It would probly be less expensive too, just grab how ever many balls of dough, cans of sauce and bags of cheese, and making pizza is quite easy <3

Just thought I'd throw that out there xD
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Yes it would be cheaper, but we have no way of baking them and keeping them warm.
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We would have an oven, because of the new venue, I remember there being one. However, we can't make meal stuff or we'd havta get certificates and some sorta legal crap, per Jen. We're ordering pizza in. ^_^; We should get Big Apple Pizza! That stuff is like crack! O_O But it is too far from the venue. T_T
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La bella's maybe?
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Jen mentioned either Pizza Hut or Dominos b/c they give deals for multiple pies.
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...Maybe cheap out and go Price Chopper's? I like their sauce...
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Hi guys,
I'm going to work with Josh to find the best place that sells large-cut, prepared pizza's. With his catering experience, he'll definitely be able to help.
Also, we do have a location for the Halloween Dance! This is a first as we have a date and location ready to promote at the picnic.
It will be held on Halloween, October 31st, at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Castleton, previously the location of the Formal.
After the picnic, we'll be putting the deposit down to solidify everything, and then planning begins!
Posting this everywhere so people see it....

There will be a offer at the picnic for a special discount for Halloween Dance tickets! If you register at the picnic for the Halloween Dance and pay in cash on-site, you can receive your registration for only $5!
Please note that this is a one-time only offer and will only occur in-person at the picnic. We'd like to offer this discount as an appreciation to everyone who has supported us through the years.
Our Halloween Dance is scheduled for Halloween Night (October 31st) at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Castleton, NY.

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