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songs for karaoke
So who's planning songs to sing!

I've just finished memorizing:
-Akino - Kouya no Health
-Macross Frontier - Northern Cross (May'n)
But I need to practice them in real time @_@

And I'm working on memorizing:
-Pumpkin Scissors - Aoki Flamme (Yoko Takahashi)
-Nanoha - Eternal Blaze (Nana Mizuki)

That should keep me busy for a while LOL

So who else is planning karaoke songs?
It doesn't have to be memorization -- Maybe you're preparing how to sing it with lyrics. Or maybe you're just planning on singing it Big Grin
Well... I didn't pull off any of those, but I did do the following at Otakon:
-Mell - Proof
-Naomi Tamura - Jiyuu no hashi
-Surface - Saa
-Jam Project - Soultaker

I actually really wanted to sing Don't Say "Lazy" from K-ON!, but alas :/
I would love to do karaoke since I missed out on it for otakon TT___TT I was hoping to do

Chou - Fatal Frame 2
2nd ending song for Shakugan no shana - Yoko Ishida
A little pain - Olivia

Yea I hope I can sing those or if anyone might have some requests, I'm pretty good with anime karaoke ^^; Just give me a heads up before hand so i can practice! Big Grin
Awesome -- We'll be doing karaoke at the picnic, so hopefully that'll work ;3

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