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UNYCosplay Karaoke Party 9/19/09
Thank you to those who ate my salad and liked it! It made me happy!
I had a good time, however I wish there were more people/it was advertised more and certain people who were to come, kept to their word...
Anyway! I had a fun time at the Maid Cafe, but I do this there are some things that would need to worked on overall. Nothing major, but seeing as how this was a 'test run' I think it went pretty well! Good job ladies!
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Thanks to everyone who showed up!
I had a great time and the "trial run" of the maid cafe was a blast!
See you all at the Halloween Bash!
The salad was yummy Big Grin
Yeah, we'll have to make flyers next time LOL

And thank you to those who helped me look for my glasses -- They were in my trunk!
It turns out I forgot to give a ride to the Genericon person we were expecting. @_@ I'm so sorryyyyy! I'll be sure to bring her to the next meeting!
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