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So I'm a little late creating this, but I think it's nice to have a place to introduce yourself, and it should help reinforce our internet community!

Obviously nothing is required, but I'm thinking something like...
-First name
-Cosplay experience
-What you like about cosplay
-How you heard about UNY Cosplay
Frankie G

as for experience i don't have much becuase I normally dress up as Kamen Rider or somthing Henshin related

I like the freedom cosplay allows you to have and the inivative drive that makes it so fun

i found out about UNY Cosplay when i was just looking for local anime events and i saw the picnic event and i was instantly hooked

lastly I really enjoy the group and everyone has been very nice to me. Though i may be like the youngest one in the group im glad that you all accept me
The Sub Atomic Rookie of the UNY cosplay Family

Watch me bust some moves! Henshin A Go Go Baby!

Just Frank

Henshin A go go Maybe

Gene Starwind-99% (omg i need a F-ing caster gun!)

Akira Fudo from the 1972 Devilman series - 100%

Bart from Fist of the North Star- 0%

Ichiro from kikaider-0%
Welcome Frank!
I had a feeling it might be you LOL

As for my Introduction...

I'm D.J., the Secretary of UNY Cosplay.

To be honest, I don't cosplay that often, but I have cosplayed 3 times in the past 10 years. (I do have an interest in picking it up more... If people have any ideas, or want me to join a group -- Let me know!) So, in reality, the experience I have has more to do with how much I appreciate the art -- I've attended several masquerades at big conventions like Katsucon and Otakon. And of course, I've gone around taking pictures as well.

For me, cosplay is about making your anime experience much more real. Katsucon 5, my first "large" convention, I was blown away by the cosplay, and especially the masquerade. There's just something really nice about seeing the anime you appreciate in animated form come to life in the form of a skit -- Even if the skit is different from how the anime went.

As one of the founding members of UNY Cosplay, I recall chatting with Jen and Nikki at Genericon in 2004... Jen was dressed as Sephiroth, and Nikki was dressed as Aerith. (I distinctly remember asking them to pose in the 'killing' pose, but Nikki's like NOOO! XD) Jen/Nikki were talking about how a new club was being formed by people who mostly live in Niskayuna, who I didn't know at the time, but when our first meeting came about, I met the wonderful people, was elected secretary, and started taking minutes from that meeting forward XD

... I've rambled on long enough for now -- I'll save Miscellaneous for later XD
I'm Stacy, the current Vice-President of UNY Cosplay.

I've been cosplaying for conventions since my first con in 2001. The first costume I made myself was Sanosuke from Kenshin. I used a karate outfit from the salvation army, altered the pants, added to the coat and there you go.

What I like about cosplay would be that I can dress up as a character that I really like, act in character towards other people from the same series and just have a great time. I love getting to be someone else when I put the costume on and making fans happy to see their favorite character.

I heard about UNY Cosplay from the newspaper article that was in the Times Union a few years ago. I might even still have a copy of it some place. I showed up for a meeting and have been going to them ever since. I was thrilled that there was a cosplay club in the area because I thought there was no way there could be anything that cool around here.

I am the go to person for traditional Japanese clothing if you ever have any questions. I've made my own accessories and yukata also. I can point you to the right sites that offer anything that you might be looking for to dress in kimono.
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(11-02-2009, 06:08 PM)Phoenix Wrote: The Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji): 100%
Nikki (6Teen): 95%
Frankie (Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends): 25%

Stacy also has a knack for cosplaying as OTHER PEOPLE IN THE CLUB Big Grin

But I just got a random idea... What if you altered your Undertaker outfit so it uses a black kimono? Big Grin

And I guess I'll throw in that I'm a huge fan of karaoke. I act as dj D.J. at the various events, and tend to play music / run karaoke XD I guess that's about it for now :3
I'm Alex.

I'd been interested in the idea of cosplay for a few years before I actually attempted anything. It wasn't until my first convention, Bakuretsucon 2005 that I actually tried to go any place as a character. My group, which includes forum members Peerwon and Redsparrowqueen, all ended up cosplaying. Three of us went as characters from Yami no Matsuei, using either thrift-store fare or in my case, buying a kimono on the internet. When I got to the con, I was amazed by all the work people put into their costumes. I have to admit, I was a little daunted by the experience, but at the same time resolved to try making my own costume for the next con. By Genericon 2006, I had managed to sew myself my first Lulu costume by hand, out of costume satin and alova. It managed to not fall apart enough that I thought I enjoyed wearing it, and I felt inspired to continue making costumes. By the end of the con, I was hooked. Five years later, I find myself working on something cosplay related at least once a week.

I enjoy the technical challenges that cosplay has to offer. I like taking a costume, breaking it down into its component parts, and then trying to recreate it to make it exist in the real world.
I also enjoy how cosplay has helped connect me to other wonderfully interesting and creative people over the years. I enjoy looking at how other people's craftsmanship evolves over time just as mine does.

I had kinda-sorta heard about UNYCosplay ever since I started working at Jo-Ann fabric in 2007, because I would get the sense that the things some people were buying were for costumes, get curious, and question them about it, but I never remembered to look up the yahoogroups or try to figure out where the events were being held. It was only this past Genericon at the cosplay 101 panel that I really got a good idea about UNYCosplay and actually remembered to register for the site after the con was over.
DJ: Stacy's not cosplaying me, silly. XD It's a character from a show, I think from Cananda?

It all started when a friend in HS told me about a convention going on at RPI. Jen also was going at the time. I went as a ghetto Tifa. XD I still remember walking through Kmart with my mom picking out suspenders and whatnot. A yr later me and Jen got together and used Goodwill and our beginner sewing skills to make Aerith and Sephiroth. That same yr we jumped into Otakon with BlackMageRikku and Seymour. Every yr we now attend at least 4 Anime/Game cons. Just recently we got into Comic conventions and Ren Fairs. ^_^

Cosplay is a wonderful thing. It allows you to escape reality and into a different world. You can be anything and anyone you want. Best part is you're surrounded by others who are the same, at cons and events. The other thing I love about cosplay is being able to create something you love with your own two hands. Growing up I was always creative and artistic, I always wanted to play dressup and pretend. This is the best outlet for me. Plus, loving fashion helps alot. ^_^ Also the fact that someone is dressed at your fav character or visa versa can bring alot of happiness. It's like meeting a real life celebrity, but not quite. XD

Jen told me about Erica, Carly, and Beth who were going to run a cosplay club out of RPI. I met them at my second Genericon in 2004. We've attended almost every meeting since then.

Aside from cosplay, I guess this could tie in with conventions, since I first saw them at Otakon. I am also a BJD (ball jointed doll) (plus certain fashion barbies, tonners, soon pullips.) collector. I saw them I believe my first Otakon and two years later bought my first one. You see them alot at bigger cons, but recently the local, smaller cons have them popping up. I also feel it's partially my fault that the doll thing exploded within our immediate group. ^_^; Anyway, I design and make all my clothes/accessories, working on athetics and modifications, and being a cosplayer really helped that. If it weren't for making my own costumes, I'd never have patterns memorized to use them on a small scale. Sometimes my dolls do cosplay with me too. ^_^

That's it about me hobby wise! ^_^
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Yeah, I figured as much Tongue

Cosplay experience -
I got into cosplay end of 2004 - start of 2005, My first costume was Izumi from FMA (I think, my costume from the picnic didn't count) , I can't quite narrow it down. No one had any idea who I was since I was watching FMA before it was released to the states haha. Ever since then I have done probably 30+ costumes (from the top of my head) , Attended far to many cons, and have met some wonderful people. I used to be part of a small cosplay group called Yami Block Kuns, which broke up due to college. Now I cosplay alone or with other friends.

-What you like about cosplay?
I love how I can be whoever I want to be, I can be around people who understand what I'm doing and how I think. I love the people I meet and the environment and The places I get to experience. It's a great way to meet people and escape reality.

-How you heard about UNY Cosplay:
Jungmoo told me about a club for cosplay that was being held at RPI, we checked it out and met most of the people I know now through the club.

I'm the crazy one.
“Wishing for tomorrow... my soul shatters. My pride is broken. My wing is broken. I am no longer able to fly...”
(11-08-2009, 09:46 PM)Zovistograt Wrote: -I'm Jimmy, an RPI Freshman. You can call me Zovi on the Internet though ^_^

-I'm new in cosplay...my first ventures were only in 2008, with my first costume being Itoshiki Nozomu from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, and then much more recently (like last week), Miyuki from Lucky Star. I am highly interested in crossplay and plan on maybe doing Sumika from Sasameki Koto next, perhaps for Genericon.

-I honestly love walking around in costume, and I'm somewhat fond of crossdressing as well, so it's a great outlet for that. Plus, I find sewing a lot of fun. Couple that with my love for anime and the like, and...yeah :3

-Genericon staff meeting today Smile

-I'm into electronic music ^.^

Welcome! I'm glad to see a new face!! May I say that you look really cute and pretty in your icon! ^_^ I never get to see many pretty crossplayers (that are male). Btw I love Electronic music too. ^_^
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