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Yes, welcome, and thank you for letting us know about the metting! I -will- make it to one of these >.<

Cosplay experience
I started cosplaying when I was around 15. My school had its annual country fair and I felt that the anime club in our school was lacking something to draw people to its booth. So me being President of our fearless troupe went out on a magical quest to find out what "cosplay" means. After some interwebs research it sounded like fun so I put together my very first cosplay, Gambit from X-men Evolution with working bo staff and all sorts of knick knacks. After that I slowly became addicted to dressing up and now I went from going to my first con in 2007 to going to 5 + cons every year for my company (I'm a dealer)

What you like about cosplay
Its a great stress reliever and its a fun way for "adults" to have pretendy fun time games! I was in drama club for 4 years so throw raging otaku in the mix and you got yourself a cosplayer!

How you heard about UNY Cosplay
I went to Genericon as a good will ambassador for J.A/M and I saw a banner in the Artist Alley that said "UNY Cosplay"

I crowned my self Bishounen King because I would like to see someone else compete for said title against me ... I'm a die hard crossplayer who's costumes usually fall under these categories:
A) Bishounen
B) Subservient
C) Enraptured by a woman
Can you believe I did not start cosplay until I was 46 years old, or that I never dressed up as Batman until I was 48? Strange, but true.

And that was out of necessity, as I was beginning my fan film, Batman 1969 in Ontario, Canada. That project has taken me three years to complete, but the rough cut is being fine tuned right now, even as we speak!

I heard about UNY Cosplay from another board member, who advised me to join, since I am also planning a fan series based on the Carrie Kelley version of Robin. This fan series will have influences from the Golden and Silver Age Comics, as well as the 1966 Batman series and other TV shows. And it will be filmed in Upstate New York as well as in Canada. I guess that is because I enjoy entertainment very much, and wrote my first play when I was 10 (this was in 1970)!

Anyway, I can clearly tell I am the "moldy oldie" here! Anyway, I am visiting the area from this Sunday to Thursday, the 30th, so if you want to meet me, let me know!
[Image: gmot-1.png]
Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies
Batman 1969
Carrie's World--The Fan Series
-First name: Peter
-Cosplay experience: I've been cosplaying for two years now, and own five or six sets of cosplay. My major ones Saito Hiraga from Zero no Tsukaima Archer from Fate/Stay Night and Lelouch from Code Geass are ones I like to use the most. First photoshoot was this year at Otakon and it was amazing. <3
-What you like about cosplay: It provides an enormous and fun release and I wish to do it more.
-How you heard about UNY Cosplay: From my friend Angelica at school.
I'm a junior in highschool.
I voice act, working on professional demo reel and getting an agent soon.
I'm sorta interested in crossplaying I really want to try it. So if anyone wants to help me it'd be much appreciated.
I'm laid-back, friendly, and fun as I'm told so just talk to me I don't bite. ;~;
Add me on skype: hokagetitan or MSN Messenger:
I never introduced myself lol

First name- Krystina or you can call me Krys if you can't remember
Cosplay experience- I began cosplaying in 09 and my first cosplays were a random anbu from Naruto and Athrun Zala from Gundam Seed. Right now I'm cosplaying Lacus (Gundam) Rin (Fate/Stay Night) and I'm working on Kazuki (GetBackers) and Kuronue (YuYuHakusho)
What you like about cosplay-What I like about cosplay is that it's unique and fun. It's like Halloween but it's not. It's a lot of fun Smile
How you heard about UNY Cosplay- I don't remember actually.
Miscellaneous- I usually attend Genericon and Anime Boston and I live near 5 minutes outside of Troy. I attend HVCC.

If you ever want to talk just message me on msnmessenger: or yahoo:

Currently I'm trying to find other cosplayers who cosplay from Gundam, Fate/Stay Night, GetBackers and YuYuHakusho Smile
All; welcome to the group! Feel free to take a look around and check out what events we have coming up! Thank you for being here!

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