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Genericon XXIII -- February 12-14, 2010
The date has been posted on the website: February 12-14 2010.

I hope they update the web page with more info soon.
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FEBRUARY?????!! That's a first!! O_O
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Well, maybe RPI gets back in session late next year.
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woooow feb, well at least it will be before my moms bday Big Grin
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Maybe it won't fall on the incidental coldest weekend of the year! Big Grin
The Genericon date has been canceled and a new one will be announced. The college wants to book another event in the same rooms. They are looking to get the weekend before or after the date that was already announced.
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Weekend before is good, it'd be my birthday weekendCool
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Updated first post with new date!
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I submitted our Artist Alley forms today. I have also reached out to Genericon staff regarding the events we usually hold.
After the Halloween Bash, we'll get together and brainstorm exactly what it is we want to do for Genericon in 2010. I also plan on attending a meeting in early November to develop a good relationship with this year's staff.

Off the top of my head...

-Artist Table (details TBD...I already have a few ideas.)
-Iron Cosplay
-Zombie LARP/Nerf Game?

Anything else? I'm also thinking of assigning individuals to con as they have been in the past...be "event coordinators" so officers aren't so thin-spread at the con as they have been in the past.

** I also think that it is critical that we communicate clearly and in a centralized manner to Genericon Staff. This way, we don't have 5 different people from UNY promoting different events without talking to one another.**
Bumping for 2010 con discussion purposes. Smile

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