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Cosplay night at Troy Library June 2nd: Help?
The library is having a "Cosplay Creation Night" at their regular Wednesday meeting (6-7:30) at the start of next month. However, there's no definite plan as to what it's going to be! I've offered to run a mini Iron Cosplay session, and if any club members want to help give a presentation, they'd be welcome to! Does anyone have any other ideas? Paper plate masks, etc? There's a budget of maybe $200 for this event.
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I think this would be a great event to participate in!
Iron Cosplay, a presentation and a small workshop would all be great ideas! Let's definitely take part in this.
I would love to help plan this out, as I can't make it due to work.
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We'll definitely make this an agenda item for the next meeting.
Please note this event has been rescheduled to Wednesday, June 2nd!
Kathy- Is there any items that you need help with, preparations-wise? I'll modify the PowerPoint presentation we made for Genericon.
Bring some of your fancy props, wigs, etc. to show off. I don't have much in that vein. Iron Cosplay is pretty much ready to go all the time now - I keep sorted boxes in my basement.
Hey, we could form a superpower team: Wonderflex Girl! Wig Girl! Thrift Store Girl! Hand Sewing Girl! By our powers combined...We are UNYCosplay! (dramatic pose)
Next episode: An epic faceoff with Hot Glue Man! (dun dun dunnnn)
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I'll bring this up to Steph and we might both be able to come Smile!!
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If we're going to help, should we show up a little earlier than 6, to get things set up, or is that not necessary? X3
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Yeah, you can show up a bit earlier. I tend to run late because I stop home for dinner first. -_-
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