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Cosplay Picnic 2011
Hey all!
Once Genericon rolls by, it won't be long until the picnic has some potential dates.
We're looking to make the picnic bigger and better than ever this year! Feel free to share ideas, comments and suggestions in this thread.

Thank you!
Bobbing for balloons, and other carnival type games, maybe?
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
How about we have a dart throwing contest, and we use a Justin Bieber poster as a target.
Volleyball contest or a team event where you get in teams of (insert number).

Cosplay scavenger hunt? Find someone with a plushie prop or a sword etc. This would get people to interact with each other more Smile Each person (or team) has a piece of paper and they have to get it signed by a cosplayer who has the said item (it can even be names of fabric tools etc). They have to sign as the character their cosplaying to make it easier as to not have people cheat?

Skits? Maybe mini skits? or something.

Hope that helps jog ideas for anyone Smile

Any type of outdoor sport like things is always a good idea. Even if items are brought and left out, people can play as they wish. Also, the pinata thing is a huge hit everytime.
Maybe if someone ran a Larp, that might be interesting for some.
I guess cosplay contest is a usual given, same with iron cosplay. Oh and karaoke. Tongue
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Great, thanks all! I'll be calling for prospective dates soon!
Just an idea, What about a Spring Picnic as well as a summer Picnic?
While it's a nice idea, I think if we tried a spring picnic on top of a summer one, it may get to be too much. Plus with iffy weather in the spring and it not being as warm, some people may not want to be outside.
Another thing is alot of college kids will be out in the summer or just school in general, and they want to come to the event, but not worry about exams and such. Summer ones always worked out really well and people are happy to have something to do right before they go back to school.
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
That's true. The weather this year has been crazy and colleges get out at different times.The reason why I was asking was because there is nothing really to do in may or june.

Never hurts to ask~
Potential dates will be posted this week!

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