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Cosplay Picnic 2011
Updated- with dates!
Any huge objections to August 6th? That was the only date I could get in August.
It is the weekend after Otakon.
It'll be a good way to wind down, I think. The picnic is always fairly low-key.
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
I like that it's early August Smile It gives everyone who goes back to school in late august a chance to attend Smile
Great, thanks guys! Now we can use the date to promote at the upcoming conventions!
A Facebook event has been created, and a pre-registration thread will be going up this weekend!
Will we be holding a contest for people to design this year's flyer?
A contest would be a great idea! I can make up basic flyers to have at Albany Comic Con until we get that rolling.
Also, we should brainstorm what kind of events we'd like to have for our Matsuri theme!
Dumb question. What's Matsuri?
Matsuri is a style of Japanese festival. Check out wikipedia's pages about it. Smile
I had an idea if anyone would be interested. For fun or promotion of UNY Cosplay it doesn't matter.

If anyone has seen Acksonl's Cosplay videos they are pretty cool with how they are done and in showing the fun of whatever con he goes to.

Like I said, this is just an idea, I don't have the equipment to do this as I only have a tiny digital camera but why not create a video like that about the picnic?

I know people take photos at the picnic of everyone etc but what about a video to show the fun?

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