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Ah shoot, I forgot, this is our pre-election meeting. Can you add that too?
For those of us that don't live in Troy, here is a picture of the library from google:

[Image: troylib.jpg]

It will help finding it I'm sure.
If people are concerned about finding the library, maybe it's possible to meet at an RPI lot and have a volunteer drive them down? It may make parking easier, too.
Excellent idea!
Is anyone concerned about finding the Troy Library (main branch)?
If so, reply to this thread!
I'm just concerned about getting a parking spot.
That's a good reason to want to carpool down from RPI!
Is that something you'd be interested in?
If John and I have time to go, we'd have to have a ride from our house in HVCC....
That's no problem, I can give you a ride, if you let me know ahead of time Smile
A really retarded question, and I believe I already know the answer...
Are small pets allowed in the library?
If you really wanna know why..... Blush
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