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tulip festival in albany (may 8-10, 2009)
There's a Tulip Festival this weekend, right in our backyard!

Anyone interested in going?
I'll probably go for at least a little bit every day, so lemme know~

Last year, Spin Doctors were there LOL

-yes-(updated 5/7)
3rd eye blind is playing this year.
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]
Indeed -- I'll probably try to catch them for a bit.
Yeah, I'll probably be there, but I don't know what time.
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
I'm so bummed. If I had known 3rd eye blind was going to be there, I wouldn't have taken an extra shift at work. Now I'm stuck there all day.
Well, if it makes you feel better, the end of their set got rained out. They were pretty good for the part I caught, though.
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
In addition, for those people that tried to get close to the stage (like myself), got rained on by random beer sprays, and falling people, from when they tried to carry people over the crowd *sighs* It got so roudy that I had to leave during the 5th song.
Oh yeah! It was even worse as the show went on and folks got drunker and more rowdy. I didn't have much of a view from under the EQX tent beside the stage, but I did have a table to sit on, and of course a roof to block thrown items, not that anyone was aiming for the tent.
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]

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