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smilies updating!
We are in the process of adding to the default smilies you can use.

Right now, these are all the smilies:
AngelAngryBlushConfusedDodgyExclamationHeartHuhIdeaSleepyUndecidedSmileWinkCoolBig GrinTongueRolleyesShySad

But we're thinking we need more anime/cosplay-ish ones Smile

Anyone have any ideas for icons?
Reference pics are always good :3
Based on what we have currently and my own thoughts, I came up with 36 new iconic expressions. I only have sketches on paper and will work on them this weekend on the computer. I'll try and post examples soon. So my only question is how do you want me to save these? Individually or together? What format/type of file? And if they're all approved and done, who and where do I post them/send them?
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Can I haz a bunneh and froggeh too?
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]
(02-13-2009, 02:22 PM)Phoenix Wrote: Can I haz a bunneh and froggeh too?

Ok I'll add those in.

I was actually thinking, do we really want that many? I don't mind if we do, I like to have many options to choose from. ^_^ Like on DA. But incase we don't, maybe we could always vote on the ones we like the most. Just a thought.
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Also, if you can promote your mascot and have various chibi versions of her. A good example of something I've always found cool is http://www.animepaper.net and their shoutbox emotes of a Kitty
I think it's good to have a nice variety to choose from -- Jon, do you know of any limitation to the number of smilies?
We have more smilies now!

:AH: :angry: Blush :confused: :crab: :dead: :fabric: :grin: :gwenmad: :gwensad: Heart :hmm: :kittyboy: :moogle: :OMG: :poop: Confusedewing: Confusedleep: Confusedweatdrop: :undecided: :wink: :tounge: Confusedmile: Shy Confusedad: :question: :pins: :neutral: :kittygirl: Idea :hellokitty: :gwensmile: :gwenneutral: :gwengrin: :frog: :devil: Cry Cool :bunny: :awesome: Angel

Yay Nikki!

I messed up a bit when I added them, so some are impossible to use. (like the old angel smilie that used to be in Kathy's signature XD)

I'll keep a list of what needs fixing, so if anyone finds any smilies that can't be used, do let me know!

Needs fixing:
  • Angel
  • Shy
  • Cool
  • Blush
  • Heart
  • Idea

They can also be shrunk in size, if anyone has any preferences.
Heart this makes me so excited to see my icons up here!
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]

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