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osechi ryouri (12/30/09) -- patissier isei
As some of you know, Yuri Isei runs a Japanese bakery delivery service in the Albany area known as Patissier Isei. She delivers to certain drop off points, and offers amazing rare Japanese treats such as anpan, melon bread, and yakisoba bread.

This holiday season, she's teaming up with Yukino Furuta to offer a special Osechi Ryouri (food commonly eaten around New Year's) meal delivery.

Here's the menu:

I'm currently working to translate it, but so far I have:

menu Wrote:The delivery date is 12/30, so it might not work out so well.
  • Kuri kinton
  • Shrimp red/white fishcake
  • Fried roast beef
  • Steamed salmon teriyaki
The meal has 12 parts to it, is meant for 4 people, and costs $120.
Order deadline is 12/15.

The more interest people have in this, the quicker I'll translate it XD
I think this is really cool but 120 is a little steep for me even if it is for 4 people
"A marvelous planitarium, don't you think? With it, I can project fairytale illusions onto the walls and show the innocent their dreams. A shadow play for those who desperately wish for something eternal, for the power of miracles... but no place exists above this room."
Isei-san also has holiday cakes available for sale.
Please let me know if you are interested.

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