Poll: Dance or Trick-or-Treating?
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I would choose the Dance over Trick-or-Treating.
10 83.33%
I would choose Trick-or-Treating over the Dance
0 0%
I would find a way to do both, possibly by cutting Trick-or-Treating short and going to the Dance late.
2 16.67%
I'd do neither D:
0 0%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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halloween jpop dance date poll
At the Feb. meeting, there was discussion about whether the fact that we were planning for the Halloween Jpop Dance for the night of Halloween would deter anyone from going -- A quick raise of hands showed that almost everyone would choose the Dance over Trick-or-Treating.

But I want to take a quick survey.

If you had to choose between going to the Halloween Jpop Dance or going Trick-or-Treating, which would you choose?

Thank you!
I'm WAY past Trick or Treating so I would be at the dance for sure.

I'm actually very happy it's on Halloween this year.
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I have past my prime of treating , I just go and buy discount candy instead XD!

I would go to the party and I'm also excited it will actually be on Halloween this year!
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Me too! I feel too old to trick-or-treat. D: But at least there's a dance to look forward to!
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I'll probably be late. I have a Halloween party at my mother's house every year, because it is A)Completely dressed up, and the only opportunity for her to show it off to others, and B) I can watch the door for trick-or-treaters. So I'll be there to catch the end of it/take-down.
Well give the choice I would most certainly pick the dance.. because no one will give me candy anymore. Tongue But its not likely that I will make it upstate for Halloween, since I hope to be working full time by then, and well its really hard to pass up Halloween in NYC. Who knows though, circumstances may work out that I am around for it! Good luck!

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