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favorite songs!
Now I want to know what songs people like!

I like...

Maaya Sakamoto - Hemisphere
Ayumi Hamasaki - Surreal
Shazna - Melty Love
Nana Mizuki - Eternal Blaze
Capsule - Edit
Perfume - Game
Ami Suzuki - Ten
Snow - Hanabi made sukoshi
L'Arc~en~Ciel - All Year Round Falling in Love
Do As Infinity - Weeds
Little by Little - Hummingbird
Every Little Thing - Unspeakable
Iosys - Chiruno no Perfect sansuu kyoushitsu
Kannagi - Motto hade ni ne
Guren Lagann - Sora-iro Days (Shokotan)

Well, the list will go on and on, so I'll stop there for now XD
I only like a few songs from Kenshin and Saiyuki. Mostly the theme music. I'm not a big fan of J-Rock/Pop.
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How about non-J-Rock/Pop? I'm talking about -all- songs Big Grin
OMG wrong question to ask. I have so many fav songs I can't even think of them. O_O
Recently english music has been taking me over... XD
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Just name like 10... or 20!
I'm just overcoming my addiction to the "Drill of Destiny" AMV, so I'd have to say "Beezleboss" by Tenacious D. But the Geikigangar III theme has been kind of stuck in the back of my head, too.
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For Non J-Rock/Pop I love:

heilig - E Nomine

So Far Away - Stript Smyle

Brennede Liebe - Oomph!

Snuff on Digital - Blaqk Audio

Bullet Proof Skin - Institute

Lettting the Cables Sleep - Bush

A Stroke of Luck - garbage

Too Late - No Doubt

and others that I can't remember.
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as far as non j-pop music, my favorites would be Moody Blues. Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa just to name a few. Oasis and The Verve are also really good. As for j-pop, these would be a few of my favorite songs...

Asu e no namida - Mami Kawada
Re-Sublimity - Kotoko
Agony - Kotoko
Sayonara Solitaire - Saeko Chiba
Half Pain - Bana
The Light Before We land - The delgados - Well that's not actually a j-pop song (the band's from Europe), but it's the opening theme to Gunslinger Girl. Great Song!
Pastel Pure - Ali Project
Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete - Aki Misato
Duvet - Boa
Copelia's Casket - Ali Project
Beautiful Emotions - Akino Arai
It's Gonna Rain - Bonnie Pink
God Knows -

As for sountracks/albums, the sountrack for Noir, FLCL, Hellsing, .hack//sign are all really good. What I do usually is take the best songs from the double CD sountracks and put all the good stuff on one CD for myself. Also, just about everything by Yuki Kajira is phenomenal. The CD Dream Field by See-Saw is (in my opinion) one of the best J-pop CDs ever!

That's just skimming it for me. And yes, I'm a big music fanatic ^_^
(03-13-2009, 11:35 PM)jdrodi Wrote: Duvet - Boa
That's not jpop either, technically Smile

(03-13-2009, 11:35 PM)jdrodi Wrote: God Knows -
By Aya Hirano :3
I couldn't find who did that song, so I left it blank to be filled in. Many thanks ^_^

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