Poll: Would you be interested in Cosplay Laser Tag?
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8 66.67%
I'm interested.
3 25.00%
I'd go, but just to play arcade games, etc.
1 8.33%
I'm not interested.
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cosplay laser tag
So this idea has been brought up before, and I want to generate some ideas and get a feel for the interest.

(1) Zero Gravity
I looked into the pricing at Zero Gravity, and it seems like it will work out a lot better if we go on a Wednesday. They have the 3 games for $15 deal. On other nights they have a play all night deal, but it costs more. It's possible to have a private party on a Monday, but it's $20/person for 2 hours, and a minimum of 20 people.

1240 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12205-5307
(518) 437-9334

(2) Outer Zone
Saratoga Springs. 4 games for $22. 1 game for $8.

(3) <place at crossgates>

I'm looking for other laser tag places!
Also, please vote in the poll :3

(I will update this post as more info comes in)
I would not go to Zero gravity, I would prefer going to outer zone in Saratoga. You can get 4 games for 22$ , one game is 8$ and it's really awesome. The people who own it are really nice and the actual area you play in is HUGE and lots of fun. I've been there so many times and always come out happy and wanting to play more.

I don't know what the minimum players are for each game but I think you can get a lot of people to play, since they have up to 3 three teams I think. You would have to call ahead to see , they also have a site.

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:cries: If that wasn't so far from me I would love to cosplay while playing Cosplay laser tag with you guys TT__TT :lives an hour and 20 min from albany:
Cosplay laser tag sounds like alot of fun! 8D

And I would recommend Outer Zone as well. =3 While I haven't been there myself, I know alot of people who have parties there and they say they love it. ( I've actually never played laser tag in my life, which is one reason I'd love to go XD)
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This would be so fun! xD

I've never played laser tag either :|

But when would this probly be happening....? Any general time periods?
Edmond Dantes (Gankutsuou): 30%
Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII): 98%
Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge): 50%
I'd have to pick something easy to move in...No wig blocking my eyes...
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Also, a good thing about Zero Gravity is, I can put a bunch of songs on a USB stick, and they can play them using Winamp!
I still need to look into the other places...
I'm partial to Outer Zone, cause I'm from Saratoga xD But where is Zero Gravity?

And what's the likely hood this could happen on a weekend....? Cause that's the only way I could probly make it :|
Edmond Dantes (Gankutsuou): 30%
Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII): 98%
Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge): 50%
Zero Gravity is on Central Ave, Albany, directly across from the new Asian Supermarket.
I will update the addy in the first post.

Weekends are usually better for people's schedules, it seems, so I'd say pretty likely? :x

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