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anime hama beads
As of a week before Genericon, I've started an interesting hobby, which is making anime-themed figures out of Hama Beads, or Perler Beads -- They're those colored beads you arrange and iron to make them stick together Big Grin

(#1 -- Eevee)
A week before Genericon, the UNYCosplay team created Eevee, which I was very happy with.
.gif   eevee reference.gif (Size: 18.49 KB / Downloads: 0)
It sold at Genericon within an hour of being displayed! Then, throughout the weekend, we received requests for another Eevee and a Pikachu! That was when I knew I was on to something Smile

(#2 -- Pachirisu)
This weekend, I created the 2nd piece, another pokemon:
It is Pachirisu, the 417th pokemon, a cute blue squirrel Smile It didn't come out quite like I wanted, but I still like it :3

Next I'm thinking about possibly doing Pikachu. Ideas (and maybe even pixel art!) are more than welcome.

FYI, the square peg board I'm working with is 29x29 beads long/wide :>
Well, I was experimenting today on how to transport a bead formation which hasn't been ironed yet, and came up with a kind of neat (although non-Pokemon) formation, so I decided to iron it.


I hope to create 1 or 2 Pokemon this weekend at BadCon... perhaps something pink!
(02-07-2009, 02:54 AM)chrono Wrote: I hope to create 1 or 2 Pokemon this weekend at BadCon... perhaps something pink!

did you actually get anything on those done? lol also did you try out that Gaelic Knot that girl drew?
hey look.... a tiny message from my teeth

My other ride is a VF-1 Valkyarie
Yes! I finished Pichu that night of BadCon Smile
I need to upload pics soon!
I haven't tried the Gaelic Knot out yet, but it looks like fun Big Grin
I now have a Pichu and a Mew I need to update this thread with!
Sorry for the delay! Confusedweatdrop:
I want to see more pics. Super cute! You should make a piplup if you're making pokemon
"A marvelous planitarium, don't you think? With it, I can project fairytale illusions onto the walls and show the innocent their dreams. A shadow play for those who desperately wish for something eternal, for the power of miracles... but no place exists above this room."
Thank you! I'll have to take pictures again -- I think I lost the photos I took already :x

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