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Wig Care 101 help
Just got my first Anime wig and i would like to know how to take care of it so it does not get all nasty

please and thank you
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Is it a long or short wig? Shorter wigs are the easiest to take care of. Longer wigs need a bit more care. Best thing when you're not using it is to keep it in a net and bag. If you wear it often, hang it somewhere safe and brush it from the bottom up to keep it nice and not to pull out the fibers. If it get's really tangled you can mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle and spray the tangles and gently brush them out. If it gets really dirty or smells from wearing it too often, you can wash it with normal shampoo and conditioner. It makes the wigs really nice. ^_^ Hope this helps!
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If you have the space, you might also want to get a wigform. It's especially helpful for wigs that require a lot of upkeep, like... a Cloud wig with lots of caulk hair spray. It lets them keep their shape and also lets you style them easily.
You can also buy "wig lusterizer" at an ethnic hair care store, and it's a spray that cleans off your wig and keeps it shiny and smelling nice.

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