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Western Comic Books
Hi all!
Let's show a little love for American/Western comic books, shall we?

For about a year now I've been loving the Aspen Comics line, mostly "Fathom" and particularly "Soulfire". (And they're going to be made into movies!)
Michael Turner will always be remembered.
Sana Takeda's been impressive me as an artist lately, too; she blends East and West styles beautifully to where it doesn't commit to either side.
I'm a big fan of "Owly", and try to get the new issues on Free Comic Book Day every year. But I think my "favorite title I can't find anymore" is "Thieves and Kings".
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Fathom is AMAZING!!! I love Bone too! Can't forget Jonny Quest either! XD
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Awakening is pretty good. I picked it up at Albany Comicon and hope to get the vol.1 compilation that just came out. The people that do the comic are fairly local as well. You can find info on the DA page: http://thehumungusstudio.deviantart.com/

Oh, it's about zombies!
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Tiny titans
90% of DC comics
Sky doll (technically it's french)
and some more I can't remember at this time
“Wishing for tomorrow... my soul shatters. My pride is broken. My wing is broken. I am no longer able to fly...”
Awakening was good, it reminds me a lot of the messy lineart and blurry lineart that makes Frank Miller's work so moody.
And Bone! How could I have forgotten Bone! That's one of my all-time favorites. The art is stunning and the story is enjoyable by pretty much all kinds. Best yet, they're re-releasing it in colored volumes, too.
Oh hey, if you like Bone, you might like "Amulet", which has a recommendation on the back from Jeff Smith. I think you can get it at the library? Volume 2 out soon! Or possibly now!

It has this...carnivorous elf. And some kids are trying to find their mom and there's magic involved and it's all very mysterious and beautifully colored!
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Since we just went to comic con this past weekend, what did everyone pick up?

I got some X-Men comics. One of them being X-Men Versus Dracula! Yes. That is actually the title. I was looking for Phoenix saga comics, but they were really expensive. I'm not paying $60 for one comic book.

I finally got my hardcover volume one from Awakening. I got it signed by the writer and an awesome limited edition print signed by the artist. Very happy about that.

I also picked up a 4 comic series, that is obviously from something else, called Wraith. It looked badass and it was only like $7 for 4 comics.

I've recently started to get into Godkiller. I can't find the comic anywhere, but I have the DVD "movie". It's a simply animated dramatic reading of the comic. I like it a lot so far. Set in the future after an economic collapse, a nuclear holy war and an alien invasion, it follows orphan Tommy as he searches for a new heart for his ill sister, Lucy. (Via the wiki)

Godkiller doesn't take itself serious like some things set in this type of world and doesn't think it's awesome and cool either.
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Since I last posted I'm now into Spiderman/Black Cat series. I am now a big Witchblade fan and Soufire. I also like Marvel Girls and Models Inc.

At Comicon I picked up 'Pictures of Dorian Gray' comic set, which I am liking very much. Seems like the only way to get me to read books is by putting them in comic form! XD
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I got a couple of things at the comicon, but the only one coming to mind is a volume of "Jack of Fables". Oh, and that Mumbai...something comic.
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