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Voice Acting Workshop
The Troy Public Library is...sponsoring? a "Teen Voice Acting Workshop". It's currently supposed to be at Russell Sage (across the street from the library), but I've heard it may be moved to Schenectady, where the Voice Coaches have their studio. (www.voicecoaches.com) Details are still kind of up in the air, but so far it's announced for Saturday, August 15th, from 10-4. It's free! (Bring a lunch.) You can call the library at 274-7071 to sign up if you're interested. Last I checked they were allowing non-teens to sign up too. Plus, if you tell them you're interested they'll phone you with date/time/place updates. I'll post the flier here if I can get it scanned in. If it does get moved to Schenectady, I can probably provide rides.
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Sounds exciting, but it coincides with the picnic. :/

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