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Troy Victorian Stroll December 6th
i'll be going
maybe i'll see you there
The Sub Atomic Rookie of the UNY cosplay Family

Watch me bust some moves! Henshin A Go Go Baby!

Just Frank

Henshin A go go Maybe

Gene Starwind-99% (omg i need a F-ing caster gun!)

Akira Fudo from the 1972 Devilman series - 100%

Bart from Fist of the North Star- 0%

Ichiro from kikaider-0%
Justin and I will be there!
There's kind of a lot of ground to cover... I want to tag along with someone who knows what they're doing...

Kathy, where are you going first? :o
I'll be there! I want to go hear Rebeca Angel again - she played at Connecticon. Other than that, I don't know! My family is coming with me. Usually we just wander around a few blocks in each direction.
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