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The Final Fantasy Discussion Thread
This is a cosplay board. Therefore, this topic is necessary, lol.

Alright, so yeah. The series rules. Which is everyone's favorite?

Although I have several, I'm going to say VI. I may as well give it one vote before the topic is inundated with higher numbers.
Final Fantasy 4 Big Grin
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh FF10 I would have to say.

I didn't and still don't much care for the final fantasy series . I'm not a good RPG player and get to distracted, confused or frustrated with them.
“Wishing for tomorrow... my soul shatters. My pride is broken. My wing is broken. I am no longer able to fly...”

That says it all.
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FF6, FF7, FF10.

Most definitely.
FF1 its the only Final Fantasy all the others are Continuing Fantasy
Have you ever played hide and seek with a blind kid? its about as fun as playing marco polo with a deaf kid.
Its a long journey stepping out your door, if you dont scuff your feet, who knows where the road might take you. J.R.R. Tolkien
Alphonse-8 feet Ed 5 feet and you wonder why hes so insecure about his height.
I...started playing I...and VII...still have save files somewhere, I think...
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(02-18-2009, 08:47 AM)magickreaver Wrote: FF1 its the only Final Fantasy all the others are Continuing Fantasy

I would say the only true -Final- Fantasy was Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, since there was no sequel to it. All the others I can think of have sequels, or have sequels in the making.

There was the Final Fantasy Legend series, but that wasn't really 'Final Fantasy' originally. I think it was part of the Romancing Saga series? And there was Final Fantasy Adventure, but similarly, that was just what they called it when they brought it over -- Originally Seiken Densetsu, prequel to Secret of Mana (aka Seiken densetsu 2).

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