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Where do most people shop online and what kinds of things do you buy.

Personally I love ebay/ half.com and amazon. But lately I've ben checking out sites like jlist.com, gesshouku designs, from Japan with Love.



I love buying books, anime, manga, art books, pins, wall scrolls, chopsticks, bento making items and other super cute stuff
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For electronics, I use pricewatch.
For jpop, I use cdjapan. (if you pre-order stuff, they include a free poster, or gift!)
I get almost all my DVDs at Big Lots and Rightstuf.com, which has a different publisher on sale each week! Big Grin Books, it varies...I try to buy used when I can find them. Lately I've been trying new titles via Paperbackswap.com.
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I like to pick up used books at Flights of Fantasy on Sandcreek Road, across from the high school. They also sell table top gaming supplies. Probably the only used book store in the area that had used Dragonlance books. Mmmm...Raistlin...

Target=crack for clearance items.

Maurices has great deals on clearance clothes. They are in, near me, Mohawk Commons. They have sizes 0-24. They also have a punch card that you can collect punches for $10 anything in the store when it's filled.

Denverdoll or Junkyspot for my ball joint doll stuff. I go with Junkyspot if I need it right now, as they only have in stock items on the site. Denverdoll has more companies and has better customer service I thought. Junkyspot can take forever to respond to e-mails. I Denverdoll also offers layaway during checkout. I just ordered a Resinsoul body through Denverdoll. Can't wait for it to get here. >_< My girl needs a new body!
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