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Otakon 2011
It's that time again! For people who want to join the room block organized by James Kao (it's really cheap), here's the link to enter your info:

There's no obligation at this point, so sign up even if you just think you might be interested.
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I was curious what "room block" referred to?
BeyondNightmare, proud to be a member of UNY Cosplay Forums since Jun 2011.
James reserves a bunch of rooms, and then once he has a final number of sign-ups from people wanting to stay in them, he cancels any unused rooms. It's a pretty good deal, always under $100 per person for the whole weekend. (Last year it was around $60-70.) He's just sent out a link for people to sign themselves up if they haven't already:


You'd be entering yourself as a "friend of Kathy Moon."
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