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Nostalgia Thread!
Let's chat about those old games that you had to blow on to make them work...while you ate 3-D Doritos and argued over who was stuck with the MadCatz controller.
Hm... I know me and my neighbor used to play Crazy Taxi all the time on the dreamcast, and the orginal Soul Calibur, too. We battled on that constantly. XD

And way back when my sega genesis wasn't collecting dust, we absolutely loved to play Bonanza Brothers and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Although we could never finish either of them, as hard as we tried X3
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The good old days of the N64 and fighting about who was cheating in the mini games on Mario party.

I spent far to much of my life with games, I have so many memories. I would take up this whole page.
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Hrm... Nintendo games... I remember paying $44 for Excitebike new at KB Toys. And Final Fantasy was the same price. I'm so glad Nintendo Power sent me that volume that was a walkthrough for the whole game. I think it would have been harder otherwise.

A pain of FF was that once you entered a cave YOU COULD NOT SAVE. And not only that, once you get to the bottom and defeat the boss, YOU CAN"T EXIT. You have to walk all the way back to the top. I seem to recall getting to the end of Kraken's cave (the 3rd major mini-boss, I think it was), defeating him, and just after that, the power went out, and I had to spend those 2-3 some odd hours again doing that >.>
Game Genie anyone? I remember sitting in my friends basement playing Punch Out, using cheats with the Game Genie on his Super Nintendo. We would sit there for hours just playing Punch Out. I didn't have game systems when I was younger, so it was so cool to know someone who did own one.
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Hehe, I had the Game Genie for SNES and Game Boy. It was so much fun just entering random passwords and seeing what it would do. I did some experimenting with Tiny Toon Adventures (SNES), and I got a password that would make the train glitch in level 2 Big Grin
I used to watch my brother play Nintendo for hours. He was a lot better at it than me, so there was more entertainment in watching. I'd join in on "Bubble Bobble", though. (We never did beat that last level, but the music's stuck with me!)
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I remember that the first game I bought with my own money was Pokemon Yellow. I was thrilled that I'd finally catch up with my friends who already had red and blue, only to find out... starting out with Pikachu is a terrible idea.
I grew up with Duck Hunt and Mario xD

On the nintendo 1 one the less xDDD
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Pokemon Stadium FTW
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Henshin A go go Maybe

Gene Starwind-99% (omg i need a F-ing caster gun!)

Akira Fudo from the 1972 Devilman series - 100%

Bart from Fist of the North Star- 0%

Ichiro from kikaider-0%

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