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NYAF 2009! -- Sept 25-27, 2009
Is anybody planning on going who could maybe offer me a place to stay? Pretty please? :awesome:
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I wish I was going to NYAF. I've never been to it TT___TT;;
I heard NYAF is or will be moving to cali...
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O_o thats stupid there's enough anime fest and cons over there as it is and then it wouldnt be called "NEW YORK'S" anime fest xD
I know, I don't understand why'd they move it to cali. O_O I guess most of the people who run it are from Cali? That's what I heard tho.
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I think just the World Cosplay Summit preliminary judging may be moving to the West Coast, but I'm not sure. (Meaning, a different convention becomes the WCS' juding platform for the US team) A search may clear it up.
Alyssa F pinged me about this con -- I'll refer her to this thread.
NYAF is not moving to cali , the World cosplay summit is moving to cali. They said that the East coast apparently doesn't have enough popular cosplayers. AKA they are being assholes about the whole thing. NYAF is NEW YORK Anime festival , so they would not move to cali , then the con would be CAF.

I might be going, but I'm staying with Erica and them if I go.
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Indeed there is a NYAF this year (thanks Dj for the redirect) I have a mate from Disney going who will have a room. if i ask nice, perhaps she will allow me to bring a friend. I am planning on going down by train.

weekend pass online is 55 at door is 60
Well, it looks like I may not be able to make it after all. Never mind, but thanks!
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