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My fan series
As some of you may or may not know, I am the producers of a (largely) Canadian-filmed fan film, Batman 1969. I am also the creator of a fan series that has been in pre-production for at least a year or so, Carrie's World.

And I want to publicise the fan series, because it will be mostly filmed in and around the Capital District of New York. Indeed, though I live in New York's Southern Tier, it is my intent to relocate to, say, Saratoga County. I had hoped to get the series launched last year, but a variety of circumstances prevented me from doing so. That said, however, I did get footage of Harley Quinn and a young Joker.

I have some other roles taken care of, notably the Golden Age Sandman, Scarecrow, Green Arrow and Batman. However, I am in need of
  1. Carrie Kelley, the Robin who is the lead character in the series.
  2. Catwoman

If any of you are interested in working with me, definitely let me know. I hope to get this series up and running soon. For those who may already be involved, I am sorry for the delays, but I have had a LOT of changes since the beginning of the year. But we WILL get a fan series going! More to follow …
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Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies
Batman 1969
Carrie's World--The Fan Series

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