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Jo-Ann meetup
I know it's super-short notice, but I managed to secure the massive workspace at Jo-Ann fabrics for tomorrow after 3. It cost 5 dollars, and since no one is going to be in the rooms after us, we can have it for as long as we need. I'm going to bring my sewing machine and dressform, if anyone wants to stop in and use up the space.
Wow, this is very cool! We should definitely keep this in mind for the future in case we need a large space to work on projects. Big Grin
I was hoping to actually make this kind of thing monthly. I already got approval from the manager to have a monthly craft meet like that, kind of catering to all apparel sewing interests.
Cool! My costume is already done though. ^_^;
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Well, since the manager was not horrified by the people who came, we get to do it in the future! The test went pretty well. I'd like to try to do it once a month, if possible.
Next time, please make it clear that it costs $5 / person.
DJ she mentioned it in the first post.
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
People who go also have to provide their address / phone number.
(02-11-2010, 06:17 PM)chrono Wrote: People who go also have to provide their address / phone number.

It's so I can tell one John Smith from another John Smith. Additionally, if the corporate office thinks I'm cheating the system somehow, they need this information to see if the people in the database are real people.

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