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Jay St. Gaming
Hi all,
Next week I will be meeting with Ryan from Jay St. Gaming, an awesome video game store in Schenectady. He'd opening a new store in Colonie Center than will be both a great place to shop, and a spot for gamers to hang out together. He's looking to hold tournaments, leagues and other events; and he's looking for our help!
As the 2nd location opening is a few weeks away, we're going to be chatting to see if we can schedule any days in the near future when he'll need some cosplayers. When I find out, I'll be posting some dates and times.
I hope to have more details next week!

This sounds awesome Big Grin!!
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I am so totally up for this! Just give me the word, and I'm in!
I would love to help with this too! 8D Not sure what costume I could possibly throw together...but I'd think of something XD
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I know that dude. I talk to him sometimes. I'm all for helping him with stuff.
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Glad to hear all the support! I'll be meeting with him on Tuesday, so I'll see what comes up!
Cool, I got a couple of ideas that might be neat if we hold any events with them. I'll write some down and show you tommorow, if you don't mind of course.
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(07-19-2010, 10:08 AM)Shinobihime Wrote: Glad to hear all the support! I'll be meeting with him on Tuesday, so I'll see what comes up!

I can go with you if you want. :3
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This sounds like a lot of fun. Just let me know what day this is going on, and I'll show up!

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