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Japanese apple-picking event (10/17/09)
I just got this invitation!
Anyone interested in going?

jcacd ml Wrote:4th Annual Indian Ladder Farm
Apple-Picking and Potluck Picnic
Saturday, October17th 11:30AM

RSVP to Atsuko Denn:
Home (518) 765-4917
Cell (518) 256-6082
Please let Atsuko-san know if you can volunteer to help with the potluck preparation at 11:30am

Map of Indian Ladder Farm
ATongueicnic location in case of rain
BTonguearking for apple-picking
C:Mutsu apples
D:Fuji apples
ETongueicnic area and pumpkin patch

About the event
Atsuko Denn and Ryoko Usami, long-standing members of the local Japanese community, have kindly extended to JCACD an invitation to attend their annual Japanese apple-picking/potluck/yard-sale event at Indian Ladder Farms. The orchard is blessed this year with fine "Japanese-style" apples such as Fuji and Mutsu. Please RSVP Atsuko-san directly if you are interested in attending this event, as it is not being hosted by JCACD.

Meeting place
Indian Ladder Farm Picking Area (B on the map) across the store, near the Voorheesville entrance. There will be a sign with the word "Pick" and a counter with bags. In case of rain, please enter from the western-entrance (toward Altamont) or the tennis court area

Apple picking: Noon
If you join us before noon, you can enjoy a group rate of $10 per bag. Atsuko Denn and Ryoko Usami will lead the apple-picking group toward the Mutsu and Fuji trees. If you cannot make the noon-time departure, you must purchase your own bags at the regular rate of $14 for one bag, $12 for two bags and $10 for three bags.

Potluck lunch: after the apple picking
After we finish picking, we will move from the orchards to the picnic area by car (Map area E). Please bring one dish and some drinks. We also welcome donations of paper items and cutlery. Bring chairs and blankets! In case of rain, we will have lunch in the shed. There will be opportunities for pumpkin-picking and coloring, so please wear washable clothes.

Garage Sale
We will also have a garage sale. Please bring items that you're interested in selling.

Indian Ladder Farm
Open 7days a week 9 to 4:30
342 Altamont Voorheesville Rd
Altamont, NY 12009
Phone: (518) 765-2956
Pick Your Own: (866) 640-PICK
That's my birthday and Jen and I are busy, so we won't be making it. Sorry.
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Dang it, it's the same day as the hayride & etc! I wanna go, though!
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
I won't be making it.
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]
(10-08-2009, 08:10 AM)Flipkat Wrote: Dang it, it's the same day as the hayride & etc! I wanna go, though!

Yeah, it just makes things that much busier! The good thing is that this ends at 4:30pm, whereas the hayrides don't start until sundown.
For those interested in going to this event, please remember to RSVP to Atsuko.
Or, if you post here, I can forward your RSVP.
Sounds like fun, but I unfortuantely won't be able to make it due to Nikki's birthday. Smile

Have fun!
Yes -- Have fun!
jcacd ml Wrote:Hello JCACD'ers -- final details have come in for the apple-picking event scheduled this Saturday. Please contact atsukodenn@gmail.com to RSVP and ask additional questions!

Meeting place for Apple Picking
  • There will be signs for "apple picking" at the orchard store. However, the meeting place for our Fuji/Mutsu apple picking event is OPPOSITE the sign at the store. Please congregate, as planned, at 11:30 at meeting location "B" in the attached photo.
  • The orchard owners, the Ten Eycks, have indicated that official picking for Fuji/Mutsi starts on the 24th. However, for this special group, they have granted permission to pick early. There will be no official bag-purchasing stand or admissions booth for the event. Once you are onsite, please let Ryoko Usami (256-7880) know how many bags you would like. Bags are $10 each for this group event.
  • The apples this year are well-formed and large. Please enjoy them early during this pre-season special event!

  • Weather forecast suggests that it might drizzle. We will have the Potluck in the shed indicated by "A" in the attached photo
  • There have been some requests for an earlier potluck time, so we will start the potluck at the same time as the 11:30 apple-picking event. Potluck organizer is Atsuko Denn (256-6082)
  • A different group (party of 100) has reserved the shed from 3pm, so our event will end before 3pm.
  • There is an electrical outlet at the shed you are welcome to you
  • We will have fresh, hot cider donuts

Pumpkin picking and hay rides
  • Pumpkin-picking will be available (a few dollars per pumpkin) as well as carving/coloring tools. The pumpkin patch requires car transport. We will provide directions on the day of the event
  • Hay rides are available at 2 dollars per ride

  • There are no restrooms at the orchard or shed. Please use the bathrooms inside the store.
  • Please bring appropriate clothing, gloves, hats, boots, etc. as it is expected to be cold
  • Apples, gifts, donuts, pumpkins, etc. can also be purchased at the store, but please expect lines
  • There may be congestion around the site. Please drive carefully!
For my own sanity, I'm listing the items to bring!
  • dish for potluck
  • some drinks
  • $10 (apple picking group rate) -- or $12 for late apple picking
  • chairs
  • blankets
  • washable clothes
  • garage sale items
  • pumpkin carving ideas

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