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Hello everyone!
Thanks to DJ, we now have a BJD sub forum!
Since alot more of us in this group seem to be popping up with dolls, I thought it'd be good since we're all generally local and we have a variance of skills throughout the club.

Primarily this sub forum will be used for any and all questions regarding BJDs and whatnot. Plus I thought it may be neat to have a little gallery section (as long as we don't load it with buckets of photos) to show off your collection.
If you need help with anything regarding them, please post it in this subforum.
I also was thinking if any of us (and I know a few of us do) make doll items, we could always do sale threads or commission threads too. ^_^ Might make it easier for locals and save on shipping!

Lastly, unless I see a huge objection, but I don't see why any BJD can be welcome here. That means resin, abjd, tonner, pullip, momoko, ect is welcome. I am a fan of all of the above, so post away! ^_^

Please enjoy!

PS I will probably make a Q/A thread for people to refer to, down the road. ^_^
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Somehow, I'm picturing an "X is so much better than Y!" kind of flamewar starting over these dolls. Big Grin
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No, that's what DoA is for.
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Yea no, I'm not bashing anything or saying anything's better than another. It's all up to the person on what they like.
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