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Free Comic Book Day 2011
As many of you know, Saturday, 7 May 2011 is Free Comic Book Day. Are any of you planning anything special for that day? I already received an invite from Earthworld Comics for the event, and I plan on making this the first of three or four stops, going from Albany to Ballston Spa and then to Saratoga Springs.

I would like to hear from you!
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Catfan's Feline Fatale Follies
Batman 1969
Carrie's World--The Fan Series
I usually hit Earthworld and then Aquilonia in Troy, but I'm sending my brother this year since I'll be at my sister's shower. I think he's planning to visit Zombie Planet too.
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Jen's showing up at two stores up north in costume. I'm just the driver... lol
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The Comic Depot in the Wilton Mall and Excellent Adventures in Ballston Spa, to be exact. Smile
how did everyone's time go? I just went to Aquilonia, but since this was my first tme going I figured just one place would be nice~

It was very fun, and I really like Bob! I have been there before but he really likes going all out for these things. There was pizza and small cupcakes. Also there was some guy in the back doing interviews for superknockedup.com (at least i think that is the url ^w^). I have never heard of it, but the guy was also very nice. I got a pin from him.

The only bad thing about this comic book day was tat Bob's little shop was full of people! And there was a big line. I still waited in line for my 15 magic cards, but it was worth it over all.

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