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Cosplay Sightings
There seems to have been a sudden increase in cosplay sightings in our area!

Such as,
http://twitter.com/MindyKB/status/3132823329 and
http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2009/07...-protector .

Has anyone else seen people in cosplay wandering around? Is this a trend? Are we fighting back about having Christmas stuff on shelves in July by starting Halloween now? :awesome:
I can't access the first link currently, but I think I might know who's pictured in the 2nd one!
I have to send a couple emails...
The first link reads "Spotted at the Crossings in Colonie last night: Link. That's right, a dude in full Link getup, as in the "Legend of Zelda" hero. Weird."
It would be amazing if you could solve the mystery of the sentai warrior!
Let's go shopping in costume sometime...:kittygirl: Or maybe to outdoor theater!
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
Jen: Hahaha! I will definitely check that link out later :3
Kathy: Yes! Do you mean Drive-In Movie?
I've seen some, never caught them on camera though.

I go out in cosplay sometimes, especially during cons or after events , like this weekend.
“Wishing for tomorrow... my soul shatters. My pride is broken. My wing is broken. I am no longer able to fly...”
I got out and cosplay as much as I can. But my job a lot of times requires to wear specific clothes so mostly i can only do it if i'm off of work, when i get home, or on the weekends Smile. Its cool though, I can get away with cosplaying vampire knight when I'm working at gamestop xDD
I love seeing people in costume on the streets. *hugs cosplayers*
I should wear a costume to work one day when i'm off XD
Planned cons: Otakon
Planned costumes for 2009:
Anna Kyoyama (Death of Yoh Version) - Shaman King - 90%
Penelo - Final Fantasy XII - Planned
Haruka/May - Pokemon - Planned
Timpani - Super Paper Mario - Planned
Let's all go see that new Ghibli movie in costume! Not even all Ghibli costumes!
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
(08-14-2009, 10:21 AM)Flipkat Wrote: Let's all go see that new Ghibli movie in costume! Not even all Ghibli costumes!

XD Alyssa and Kim are already a step ahead of you. They're already planning to wear their costumes to the movie. But we're all going to the late showing, so it'll be like 'Oh look the weirdos are out...' XD
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]

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