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Cosplay Related Websites/Stores
I thought it would be a good idea to compile a thread with stores and websites that offer items that would be useful to the cosplayer.

Please ad any links/stores you might have with a brief description of what they sell and the URL OR address/phone number.

Here are a few I've come by:
Aradani Costumes: They make prosthetics that are a much higher quality than those found at the costumer. They offer all size elf ears, even those for Night Elves/Blood Elves. They even have an option to blush them for you using the correct paint for latex. They also offer how to help and I'm sure can make custom pieces if you inquire.
Here is their website:http://www.aradanicostumes.com/

Cool East Market:
They sell cheap tabi in every color you can think of. They are located in Canada so shipping is cheaper and quicker.
Here is their website:http://cooleastmarket.com/

Electrique Boutique: Inexpensive shoes for men and women. They have everything from gogo boots, to pumps to very strange looks shoes. Good place to start. This site also sells lingerie so this site is probably not safe for work.
Here is their website:http://www.electriqueboutique.com/

Bokunan-Do: Any clothes you need for a Japanese costume is found here. From Shinsengumi happi, to traditional dance clothes and accessories. They even have period clothing. They are located in Japan so shipping can be expensive, but they have everything you need.
Here is their website:http://www.shop-japan.co.jp/english-boku/index.html

Akai Hano no Jojo: Great place for Geta of all kinds. This is an actual shop located in Morioka Japan. I own a pair of Geta from this shop and these are the best quality you can get as they are made from the traditional Paulownia Tree wood. I've owned my pair for about ten years now. If things are out of stock, send them an e-mail. They often have scratch and dent geta on sale.
Here is their website:http://www.karankoron.com/online_shop_top.html

Wig, extensions, supplies for weaving wigs and lose hair bunches. The offer a big selection of wigs at reasonable prices. They are located in California I believe.
Here is their website:http://www.amphigory.com/

Tandy Leather: Hides, half hides, suede, leather that is colored, supplies for embossing, tooling and so much more. There is a store located in the Syracuse area. Anything that you need for leather working is sold here, including kits for belts, wallets, and bracelets.
Here is their website:http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com
Excellent idea!
I'll start filling in http://www.unycosplay.com/thread-10.html as we get more links.

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