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Cosplay Help - Joker
Hello! I am thinking of cosplaying Joker from the circus arc in the Kuroshitsuji manga. However, I am not quite sure what to do with his skeleton hand. Any advice? ^_^

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Hmm I've seen a lot of people carry a fake skeleton hand with them and just put it in their sleeve when they get a picture taken. You could also use a glove that looks like a skeleton hand.
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You could always wear a black glove and make a skeleton hand out of wonderflex or something and attach that to the glove.
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I agree with Alyssa's suggestions. It just depends on if you want to carry around a fake hand or wear a glove. You might be able to find pre-made gloves online.
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Guess I am the only crazy one who would make both the glove and skeletal hand...
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