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Cosplay Help: Hello Kitty Hood
Hey, I have no idea if this is ok here, but I guess we can always move it.
Ok, so here's the deal. I am making a Hello Kitty costume for this summer. My only issue is I'm doing a hood-like-hat and not a mascot-like-head. I am using this design:
[Image: pulliphklr7jf83a-23ee2.jpg]
[Image: 1699208176_92df1db8ff.jpg?v=0]
These are the only good pics I can really find too. T_T
Can anyone help me figure out how to make this thing? Normally I am good with this stuff, but I'm stumped for some reason. I do plan on having it lined too. My issue is how to draft/cut out the pieces and have the ears look good. Also I can't figure out if I should use batting or polyfill. I have the fabric ready and this is the ONLY 'difficult' part of this costume. XD
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
Oh, that looks awesome!
I can't wait to see it Smile

It's fine to post this here, but people who aren't logged into the forum won't be able to see it.
If you want more feedback (perhaps from someone who Googles and finds this thread), I can move it to the completely open area.
Oh I thought it was. Sure if you want. I just need help.
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
I've got a couple of hood patterns, for more head-shaped things of course, but maybe we could widen one somehow? Or cut it a few sizes too big and then add a pad on top of your head. It'd be sort of like the hats we made in that there's two sides and a middle and the ears are separate pieces. Here's a picture: http://www.simplicity.com/dv1_v4.cfm?design=2853
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
OMG! That might work!! Can i borrow it? Could you bring it to the meeting sat? I figured I may have to widen it and stuff it to make it look large. But I though I was going to have to draft the pattern myself. O_O Shows how hard I thought about it and how unecessary that was of me. XD
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
(03-12-2009, 04:27 PM)Binah Wrote: Shows how hard I thought about it and how unecessary that was of me. XD
It's all part of the creation process Big Grin
Yeah, coming up with ways to make stuff you can buy at a store is half the fun! Idea
[Image: 6874000.png][Image: 6874002.png]
:: throws 2 cents here ::

Are you going for this "exact" hood or just the general concept and want to stylize it a bit?

If stylized, maybe you should check out images from Pita Ten. There are a couple kitty hood thingies that they did that could be altered to give you the general look of what you're after.

If you are trying to make like the pic, I think that you should treat it less like a hood and more like a stuffed animal. If you have a Hello Kitty Plush (which I would bet every dollar to my name that you do) take a look at the way the head is put together, draw up a basic pattern, elongate it, and put a hole at the bottom where you can draft a hood or bonnet pattern inside of.

Whatch think?
I do want it similiar. I was considering mutilating a large plush, but I don't have one that large enough for my head or do I have the heart to do so. I've seen the inside sorta and it's like a stuffed hood/hat.
I'll experiment and see what I come up with.
Thanks ^_^
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]

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