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Commissionable Services
So I think it would be nice to have this up. If anyone makes doll clothes, accessories/related items please free to advertise yourself here!

I just ask, if there is to be any actual transactions, maybe you should PM or email each other so it doesn't clutter this thread. ^_^; This thread should only be used for advertizing one's skills and example work.
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I guess I'll start this off!
I make many types of doll items. I make clothing, jewelery, and accessories for dolls.
Currently I can make male/female SD, 70cm male, male/female MSD, and puki dresses. I'm working on 21cm sized tinies and barbie sizes. I also can make some props and horns/kitty ears/ect.

Please refer to my DeviantArt account, as it has all of my work up on there. If you click on my gallery I have them all organized.

Aside from clothing I also can do mods, faceups, and asthetics. I've done numerous body blushing, manicures/pedicures, ear piercings, tatoo applying/sealing, restringing, getting better at faceups, and soon body modicfications will be in the works. My first actual mod was to chop and sand down my BBB Mei's ears from elf to human. Photos are also on DA.

If you are interested in any services please PM or email me for details/prices.

Thank you! :awesome:
[Image: nivjanmd34prdon0.png]
I'll join in here! xD

I can sew clothing. I have an SD (boy) and a yoSD (gender neutral) but I could sew for other sizes if someone really wanted (with measurements and possibly borrowing a friends doll x3)

I've also made some doll jewelry including chain mail, beaded things and charmed things.

I'm also looking into making dolls masks with pleather and/or plaster of paris, if anyone would be interested ^^
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