Poll: Can you come to a July 4th meeting?
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Yes, count me in!
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I can't make it.
3 75.00%
Meet on a holiday weekend? I'm boycotting on principle (unless there's cake.)
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Wait, there's cake? Count me in after all!
1 25.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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Can you make it to a July 4th meeting?
So, it doesn't look likely we'll be able to meet this month. Who can and can't come to a meeting on July 4th, probably at my house since the library will be closed? As a alternative, we could hold it at my parent's lakehouse...a little further away, but we could go swimming! And yeah, there's probably going to be leftover birthday cake.
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I can't vote anything D: , I dunno if I work, or if family things are happening or what ...I DUNNO ; A ;!
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I'm not sure, it all depends on how well the move goes and if we're completely settled by then. Since we only like a few houses away, we could come to your place. XD
So none of the dates would work for July?
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Maybe the 25th? DJ and Jen can make it to that, it seems.
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Sure, I can do that! It's right inbetween ota and connecticon!
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Wait, there's cake?! *munch*
The 25th would be better for me also since I'm having a family party on the 4th and will be expected to be there.
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As of now I can do the 4th, but I might be taking a friends shift at work..... Dunno my scheduel that far ahead, but unless i'm working i'll go if someone can pick me and John up. I'd prolly just call DJ when my scheduel comes out XD
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Just lemme know!
Are we doing this on the 25th?

I would also like to offer up meeting at the church instead of imposing on Kathy. If we want to meet there, I just need to make sure that nothing is going to be happening that afternoon.
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