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Besides Negan, is there any other costume that I can wear for Halloween?
Rick Grimes, easy. Well, it's really up to you, surprisingly this Halloween me and my friends decided to go to our friend's party dressed up like The Walking Dead squad. Everyone had picked one character, and one chose to be a zombie because he always takes things a bit too far. Anyways, one is going to be the White, second as Carl Grimes, third as Glenn Ray, fourth as Magna, fifth as Negan because he is the must, and I am going as Rick Grimes. I really like the portrayal of this character, his background story, and character development. And I have the perfect Rick Grimes Jacket to wear for this occasion. https://www.northamericanjackets.com/product/the-walking-dead-season-5-rick-grimes-shearling-jacket

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