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BJD Tutorial/Class
Hello All!

So there has been some requests for a BJD tutorial and I'd love to hold one! So I am wondering if anyone else would be interested!
Basically it'd be informational gathering and I'll go over everything there needs to be know about BJDs, care, where to buy, and whatnot.
Once I get alot of interest, I'll figure out the date/time/place.
Thanks guys!
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I definately be interested even though I doubt I'll be able to afford a doll for a couple of years T__T

I tried going on some websites but it was completely overwhelming with dolls and terminology etc. So I read some stuff on wikipedia which gave a nice history of some main stream companies but still completely over whelmed with the options etc.
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Don't worry, I'd go over all the terms and kicks.
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As you might imagine, I don't actually have an interest in owning a BJD, but I do very much appreciate the art form, and it should be very interesting ^^ (I'll have my camera!)
That's fine DJ. They're lovely as art forms too. ^_^
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haha I think I'd know most of it, but it would still definitely be fun! ^^
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Until more people show more interest I prolly won't do anything anytime soon. Most of the people who would have any interest would know everything already too. XD
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Why not have an advanced doll techniques workshop then?
Cause I'm not that great yet. I'm still an amateur.
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