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So here come those questions. Down the line if more are asked I'll add them here.
This is mainly for those who want to know more about them and want to get one down the line.

What is a BJD?
BJD stands for 'ball jointed doll'. Sometimes you even see them listed as 'ABJD' for 'asian ball jointed doll'. Basically ball jointed dolls are made with joints that can hold poses and whatnot. Kinda like those artist dolls you can pose and draw. Even your articulated GI Joe's are ball jointed. XD However the techincal ball joints are similar to human bodies and usually they are made of resin and strung with elastic. With the resin ones you can change their eyes and wigs for more customization.
Some companies like Tonner and Pullips are made of vinyl and plastic and have a different type if joint system. But in the end it all works the same way. Most of the time you can't change the eyes of wigs with these because they come pre-painted or with pre-rooted hair. However with Pullips for example, you can modify them by pulling their wigs off and opening their heads to change their appearance.

How are they made?
Resin BJDs are made from a clay sculpted parts which are casted into silicone molds and then resin is poured into the mold and takes a process of curing. After the doll is done, they are removed from the mold (usually you can get 10 dolls from one mold before it begins to break, then you have to make a new one) and sanded to get rid of any sharp parts, bumps, ect. Then they are strung together with elastic and S-hooks.
Vinyl and Plastic ones are pretty much self explanitory, seeing as how most items are made from those materials. However these dolls are not strung together. They have joints locked into place or even screwed in.

How much do they cost?
This varies from company to company and size by size. Generally I've seen anywhere's from $100-$1000+ in this hobby for dolls. It also depends if the doll is limited, rare, or a full set. Usually those cost more than a basic set. A basic set is usually just the bare doll, maybe a random pair of eyes and a wig along with it. Of course of you wanted face painting or 'faceup' that usually costs around $10-$70 depending on that company.
The vinyl and plastic ones are usually far less in price. But again, it all depends on varying factors. I think the most I've seen those dolls go for is like $300, but they could be more.

Where can I buy a BJD?
There are so many companies to choose from and keep track of. The most helpful place I've been to is Gigglegeek. They are a database of doll companies that have popped up over the years. They haven't updated in a while, but there are more companies out there. There's also a database for heads. Basically if you know the company name, you can google search and find their site. And US distributors are always good. They have a wid variety of dolls and you can save on shipping AND buy accessories for the dolls!
Head Database

What about eyes, wigs, clothes, shoes, ect?
Almost ALL of the companies that sell dolls, sell items for the dolls. Plus there's many other online stores that sell items. I can list a few examples here as well. Sometimes the items can be quite pricey. Or if you don't want to spend the money, you can try your hand at sewing your own clothing and such for them. (If you're a cosplayer, it tends to be easier. XD) You can even commission someone for clothing and such.
JpopDolls (wigs/eyes)
Junkyspot (wigs/eyes/clothes/shoes/accessories)
Denverdoll (wigs/eyes/clothes/shoes/accessories)
Mimiwoo (dolls/wigs/eyes/clothes/shoes/accessories/rement)

That should answer most basic questions. If anything else is brought up I can add them to the list. ^_^
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I don't know if you want to post these links here for more reference, but I found a really good 2 part new article about BJD's on DA that's really informational and lists of like 50 doll companies.


Edmond Dantes (Gankutsuou): 30%
Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII): 98%
Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge): 50%
Thanks! Just if someone wants to see them and they don't have a DA, would they still be able to see them? But those are helpful.
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I just looked at part one, and one of Mindy's dolls is in the photos at the bottom! XD
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Yes I noticed that too. ^_^
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