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Albany Comicon 11/1/09
If you didn't make it to the Comicon in April, we hope that you go to the one in November!

UNYCosplay is going to be holding a costume contest. Most likely there will be prizes donated from the vendors and Comicon bucks donated by the convention itself. We will be asking guests of the convention to be the judges.The April event was relatively small, but very fun and inexpensive to go to.

Location: Holiday Inn on Wolf Road

Time: Sunday November 1, 2009 from 10am to 4pm

Admission: $3
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Seconded! It is the day after the Halloween Dance, but I'm definitely going to be heading over there!
It was a great time and it's awesome to see another side of the local scene. We'll be in contact with the chair; hopefully more news coming soon!
Will we be allowing skit entries/walk-ons? (like a standard Masquerade)
I'm trying to figure out if my DJ services will be needed XD
To my knowledge, it's a standard costume contest, where they just judge a costume. I don't know if craftsmanship is involved. I'll have to talk to the chair to confirm, though.
For the most part he told me that we can run it however we want to. If we want to do craftsmanship as well, we should probably let him know so he can divvy prizes ahead of time.

And to confirm, there are no skits, just walk ons.
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]
Oh, so there are walk ons?
Because that seems like a step up from a normal costume contest, which is just judging.

If there's a stage with an audience, then I suppose DJ services would be useful :3
Just looked back at the email from John to confirm and there aren't walk ons. Here is how they did it last year:

"We had a sign up sheet at the admissions table, and gave everyone a number. I asked the artists to vote for their top five costumes through out the day. At 3:00, we gathered the sheets we gave to the artists and tallied the total votes so we could see who the winner was."
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Ah ok nice. I might sit this one out -- Unless you guys need me for something X3
I'm on the fence again... I'll have to see how knocked out I'll be from the Halloween Bash!

Could someone post some of the finer details about this event?
Updated first post with info
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]

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