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2009 Game Festival & Symposium

Taken from the website:
2009 Game Festival & Symposium

For the past five years, the Annual Game Festival and Symposium succeeded due to the quality of the student games, and the themes and caliber of speakers that are the focus of the Symposium. Our consistent purpose is to expand students' game development skills and to increase their understanding of potential career options in games and simulation.

This year, the Festival will be held in Rensselaer’s new Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC). Student games will be exhibited on Friday, April 24, and on Saturday, April 25, our guest speaker, Chris Crawford, Co-founder, Storytron: Interactive Storytelling (Storytron.com), will hold an Interactive Storytelling Workshop and Key Note Address. We encourage students from Rensselaer and beyond to participate in this student competition. Games & Simulation faculty will select the games for exhibition from among those submitted and cash prizes will be awarded to the top five teams, sponsored for the second year by Vicarious Visions. There is no fee for attendance or participation.

Keynote Speaker - Chris Crawford
Chris Crawford, the noted computer game designer and writer, developed a number of important games since the 1980s, founded The Journal of Computer Game Design, organized the Computer Game Developers’ Conference, wrote De Re Atari and The Art of Computer Design, and, most recently, developed the authoring tool Storytron and its beta development system Swat.

Venue - Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
EMPAC’s grand opening was held in October 2008. It was hailed by The New York Times as a “technological pleasure dome for the mind and senses...” EMPAC is much more than a performing arts center: it is a laboratory that will enable artists and scientists to independently and collaboratively advance research projects at the intersection of art and technology.
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]
A note for people interested in attending -- It appears to be free, but you should pre-register via the above link.

That looks like fun!
Are you presenting anything? Big Grin

I'm thinking I'll cross-post this info to Genericon's BBS -- Unless you want to :3
I'll be there anyways; there's a Japanese puppet show that Friday and Saturday in EMPAC as well.
I'm not presenting anything but I know someone that is going to be there.
[Image: 2174355.png] [Image: 4017688.png]
Oh! Any details on the pupet show? :o
Here ya go!
Thank you~

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