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1920's Murder Mystery LARP
Premise: It’s 1924 and you’re apart of the Italian mob. Your little group runs a speak easy called Straight No Chaser. During the current evening gunfire is heard and the right hand man to the boss is found dead in the office. Your mob boss locks down the establishment and will not let anyone leave until the murderer is found out.

Location for this event would be: Latham Community Baptist Church. (The same location that the karaoke party was in.)

Time: A Saturday in September, from 7pm - 11pm.

This is not a UNYcosplay event. Although depending on how many people are interested in attending, I may ask for a few bucks to cover food and drinks, but no more than $2-3 a person. On the flip side, if there isn't enough players, the game will not run. I need at least 10 dedicated players to run the game.

This is a Live Action Role-Play game and I will be giving out roles to those who are DEFINITELY going to be attending. I am looking for someone that would like to be a waiter/waitress. Preferably two people. An outfit of black pants, a white button up, red tie and a black apron will be required.

I would also like to add, you need to be over 18 to play this game. I do not want to be responsible for minors.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
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I'm interested Big Grin!
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I'd sign up, depending on the day. I think I played in a similar one before.
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It will be on a Saturday night.

Updated first post.
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Date added in first post.

If anyone knows people outside UNYCosplay that would like to be involved, that would be great. Please PM or E-mail me their info so I can give them the premise of the game and the role that they would be playing.

If you would like to bring food or drinks, please contact me also so I can keep track of who is bringing what.

Again, if you need more info, please contact me. I'm be more than happy to discuss anything you are unsure of.
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I'll talk to you after I get my schedule for that week, it soudns awesome
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I forgot to ad that the date is tentative and may change as I need to confirm it being available.
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Isn't that the date of that Japanese Festival that DJ asked around about helping with?
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The Japanese Bazaar is August 31, so I'll probably move the date to some time in September. I'll decide a date after con season is over. Sorry about that.

Updated first post.
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