Full Version: post icon updating
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We had a great turn-out for the new Smilies!
Now, let's talk about Post Icons!

What Post Icons would you like to see?

Currently we have:
  • ;D
  • movie
  • Tongue
  • thumbs up
  • thumbs down
  • star
  • Smile (mouth closed)
  • :o
  • Sad (no eyebrows)
  • rainbow
  • ?
  • tv
  • 2 connected 8th notes
  • light bulb
  • (i)
  • <3
  • !
  • bug
  • lego
  • Big Grin (no teeth)

Here are some off the top of my head (compiled with any ideas you guys have!):
  • lightning bolt
  • asterisk
  • hama bead
  • hat (of a costume)
  • props (shield? sword?)
  • picnic bench
  • kanji
  • number sign
  • camera
  • meeting symbol... be creative!
  • explosion/nuke
  • die (y'know, singular of 'dice')
  • playing cards
  • anime icons
  • video game icons

I need to check with Chambers, but I think the size of these icons needs to be smaller than the smilies.
That reminds me, our new smilies aren't replacing the old ones when they've got the same name.
How about an "explosion" post symbol?
You are right -- I still need to go fix those.