Full Version: Cosplay Picnic Food/Volunteer List.
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For everyone attending the picnic next week, we are doing a potluck dinner again this year! The club is providing Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Vegetarian Burgers, buns, condiments, plates/utensils/napkins/trashb​ags and some soda, water, and tea.
What we recommend:

We ask that you not bring cakes/cupcakes that have frosting on them, as they will get terribly melty in the summer heat. Remember, your food will have to sit outside through the heat of the day.

If you'd like to RSVP something to bring, you can post here or on our facebook page. So far...

Alex (Forums member Replica_Heart_:
Iced tea
Cooler with Ice


Josh (Forums member Faust):
Vegan Southwest Rice Salad
Watermelon-Mint drink

Also, we need some volunteers! Just let someone know at registration that you'd like to help with something when you arrive, and we can put you to work for a little bit!

Don't forget to pre-register! We don't ask for money up front, so if you find yourself unable to come, you have lost nothing!