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Share your in-progress costume photos here!
So, here is my mage girl so far from Dragon Age Origins:

[Image: 100_1254-1.jpg]

I have to make the choker and head piece then I'm done.

Here is the reference:
[Image: dragonageorigins-1.jpg]
Big Grin I saw this first hand and it's awesome!

Btw I found a full picture of her: http://www.jasonchanart.com/gallery/2008...lfmage.jpg
Great, I'm happy to have the picture, but angry because the skirt is wrong!
(07-02-2009, 08:53 AM)Phoenix Wrote: [ -> ]Great, I'm happy to have the picture, but angry because the skirt is wrong!

Yeah I realized that once I found the full picture, I was like "Oh no she isn't gonna like this when she knows the skirt was longer and stuff D: "
How's everyone's Halloween costumes coming along?
Done and Done! As for my dolls, well... not done with those yet. XD
I just got the pattern for my belt made up! If it doesn't work, at worst I'll have to pull out some seams to turn it right-side out again. Still need to sew the snaps on the dress.
Almost done with Undertaker. Just have the belt and hemming to do.
Ciel :


I need to add MORE RUFFLES to the shirt and make my RUFFLE neck piece. Finish the waist band on the bloomers , add the suspenders, make the vest, and make the hat~

Should have it all complete by Wednesday at the latest.
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