Full Version: A Thank You from Albany Comic Con
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Here is a message a received from John Belskis, the Chair of Albany Comic Con.

Hi Everyone:

I'm thrilled with the way things went at the show. I want to thank all of you for all of the hard work you do, committing the time, and always going the extra mile to help make each show, better than the last. It was our best show, by far. We had over a 1000 people through the door, and that is a benchmark, I didn't expect to reach. So great work everyone. It's exciting to see the nay sayers of the comics business reaction to our little show in Albany. Comics are far from dead or dying, it just takes care, and some innovation, to get the fans excited, and wanting more. Thanks again everyone for all of the hard work you do, to make this happen.

I also wanted to report that we raised over a thousand dollars for the Japanese relief effort. That total is still growing, as a few of the auctions are still awaiting pick up, but the final I know will exceed a thousand dollars which is wonderful. Between that, and the VIP ticket sales, everything worked out just great, To everyone who worked so hard on the sketches, and the buttons, and the prints. A big, big thank you. I hope to do both again. It was alot of work, getting it all together, but the pay off was well worth it. And now I get to thank all of you for a wonderful dinnerSmile It was a fun day. I'm still in the decompression chamber for another day, but I can't wait to get started on the next show. The date for the next show, in case anyone doesn't know, is Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2011. I hope you all can make it. It's been a great ride.

Thanks again, and have a great summer.
John (jbelskis37@aol.com)
Albany Comic Con

PS: I'm doing the summer toy show again, on June 26th,
if anyone has an interest please let me know.

Thank you all for your continued effort!