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What's your favorite anime of all time?
What anime have you been hooked on lately?

All-time, I'd go with Escaflowne, Hana yori dango, Nana, Mahou tsukai tai!, and Love Hina.

Lately, I've been addicted to Kannagi, Minami-ke, Akikan!, Clannad, and Kanon 2006 Big Grin
^w^ My anime interests are all over the place~!

For all time I'd have to go with Cyborg 009, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, and Le Chevalier D'eon~

And lately I've been in to Rose of Versailles, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo and Vampire Hunter D.
There's a sequel to FMA coming out in April Big Grin
(01-31-2009, 01:35 PM)chrono Wrote: [ -> ]There's a sequel to FMA coming out in April Big Grin

8D I know! I can't wait! *dances* I'm very interested to see how it will come out~
Big Grin
My all time favorites are: Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, Vampire Princess Miyu, Saiyuki, Sailor Moon, Trigun, stuff I can't think of right now...

Currently I"m involved with Zombie Loan and Blade of the Immortal. Although Blade of the Immortal is so much bloodier in the manga, I'll let it slide since it has good voice acting and follows the story well.

www.hulu.com has full length anime shows you can watch for free. It's all dubbed, but hey it's free. I started watching season one of Slayers again. They also have xxxHolic, Moon Phase, School Rumble, Shikabane Hime, Black Blood Brothers, Ikkitousen, Rumbling Hearts, Suzuka, The Galaxy Railways, Peach Girl, Bleach, Naruto and Death Note. There are other animated shows such as He-Man, Fat Albert and the Pink Panther. I've watched stuff over there and it's really good quality. Just make sure you don't have downloads running as it messes up the stream for the video. I found that out the hard way.
Classic loves: Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing
Current loves: Ouran High School Host Club, Princess Princess, Peach Girl

I don't watch much anime anymore, and alot of it that I did like I fell out of it... My tastes have changed drastically...
I tend to go after manga alot more, now- mainly series that haven't been made in anime, or maybe into live actions. Also, I've been a HUGE yaoi whore lately... XD
Classic Favs : well now there would be to many to list umm...Sailor moon, Dragonball z , Galaxy express 999 , Gundam wing, A lot of Clamp stuff, princess tutu,Cowboy bebop, FLCL, and Utena. (wow that's alot D: )

(forever)Recent favs : Mononoke (Katachi Makoto Kotowari) , Shugo Chara , TTGL, Eureka seven , Baccano! , and Code Geass.

Too many, it's hard to list them D: .
My all time favorite anime series has to be, Robotech, evengalion, rouroni kenshin, flame of recca, yu yu hakusho, saiyuki, gravitation, full metal panic (regular and fumoffu)

i havent really watched much anime recently, but i really like ouran high school host club, and hayate no gotoku recently.

btw my all time most favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist
My favorites would be Lucky Star, Those Who Hunt Elves, Strawberry Panic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Outlaw Star, and a few others. My tastes in Anime have evolved a little lately because when I worked at my last job (which was stressful and full of unexpected overtime), I had a tendency to mostly watch mellower anime, but my current job isn't stressful like my last job, so I think there's a shift going on. Over the last year I've been getting exposed to more yuri anime and manga. I saw Strawberry Panic last year on YouTube (before the DVD came out) and at the time, it was the best Yuri anime I ever saw, and then I saw what (in my opinion) I consider the best Yuri anime ever, and it's now my all time favorite anime. Maria-sama ga miteru (aka Maria Watches Over Us). 3rd season is coming out Tuesday on the 24th. Smile The weird thing is that some websites have the DVD coming out March 24th, and other places have it coming out February 24th.
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